Situationen und Ereignisse » Contemporary Art Institute Detroit | Detroit USA | 2015

no.02_ready to hang (out)

a performative happening

vavi_magdi in collaboration with HOSPIZ DER FAULHEIT


we are not ready to hang but we are ready to hang out.


as artists and performer we are struggling with the necessity to produce work that is representative and ready to hang on walls in different institutions. furthermore we are asking the question how we behave and move within these institutions and their events. and what can we do, what kind of institution are possible in relation to the categories that inhabit us, and that we in turn inhabit. ‘ready to hang (out)’ is an interruption by creating a different space and time of how the audience is entering an exhibition space and how that could possibly change further movements and encounter. we are meeting ourselves on the same level by our merging bodies without making the difference between the performer/the artist and the audience. through intense moments we want to expose the force of habits as a state of exception, allowing a shift in perspective and an opening for transgression of movements and performativity.